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Ladra di Perle (Thief of Beads) is me, Paola Vianello.

I was born in Venice in October 1969. In the years my passions grew in various forms of dance, from ballet to jazz, and in singing which I still practise today. At the same time I was following several tailoring courses, crochet and knitting, getting only recently into beads and into the multiple techniques involved. For some years I got closer to Soutache, the art of wrapping beads with coloured ribbons, creating unlimited designs in endless colours. With curls and a lot of imagination come to life beautiful necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants.

The Soutache, the technique I use, got only lately into the Italian creative scenery. The definition of the name place the origins of this technique in Russia and Eastern Europe where in the past it was often used to ornate clothes. It is all about ribbons (Soutache cords), usually in silk, sewn together to form decorative patterns. Very often these threads are sewn to edge cabochons, spaced out and overlapped by beads or rolled up to form spirals or S motifs. You can create beautiful works just by using some beads and ribbons, playing with harmonies and colour contrasts.

For my creations I use several materials, like shells, wood, mother-of-pearls, semiprecious stones, and any other material gets my attention, but most of all I like to use Murano glass beads because, for their brightness and variety of colours, they are my favourites. I use them often for my jewellery thanks to Masters of Glass that introduced me to this wonderful material, like Milly of Momylia (www.momyliaperlebijoux.com) that uses Murano glass canes to create, often on my request, wonderful beads which she uses to create necklaces, bracelets and earrings, or like Pino from the shop L'Albero (www.alberovenezia.com) who plays with "murrine" until he makes beautiful creations.


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